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Porteplume 11-14-2010 06:40 PM

Clearing the air...
Bonsoir to every member of TE,

I think that the most of you know me as I'm one of the oldest member of TE and the oldest mod too. I considered myself as a friend of TE's creator and I was happy to help him and later helping IB to take over...
I want first to explain that I had a special event to celebrate in my family since last Thursday and I was absolutely not able to participate at this huge debate on TE about the late happenings around Marine. I tried to keep an eye on it but could impossibly help you or my "mod colleagues".

Now, what will I do to clear out the situation?
First I'll close any retributive discussion about that case because you all have other ideas about what happened and - after reading your questions, opinions & retributions - the most of it is not right. That really "little incident" with Marine has been changed from mail to mail or from discussions to discussions in a HUGE AFFAIR which is absolutely not close to the reality.

But, after closing, and not deleting, these discussions, I'll invite you to write down your questions and I will - as far as I may or as far as I think you need to know - answer ALL your questions. It can take a day or more to answer but I'll answer ALL your mails.

I also will answer ordinary questions in this present thread as long as the request keeps being polite and if I can do that without trespassing the rules of moderating we have to follow.

chrisnet 11-14-2010 07:17 PM

Bonsoir Viviane,
Il serait bon aussi pour les francophones que vous postiez vos messages également en langue française, il me semble qu'ils sont suffisament nombreux sur ce site.
Devant l'hémorragie de départs de membres éminents de ce site, il me semble qu'une clarification s'impose de votre part: Pourquoi avez-vous exclus plusieurs membres de ce site, était-ce justifié et pourquoi? Il semble qu'un grand nombre de trekkers soit mécontents et protestent en quittant le site et c'est bien dommageable pour tous. Pouvez-vous nous donner une explication claire et convaincante afin que nous comprenions ce qui se passe réellement sur ce site et ainsi assainir le climat.
Merci pour votre intervention

Vato_Law 11-14-2010 07:43 PM

Bonsoir Viviane,

I speak as a former member of TE which is leaving the site, but respectfully as I always tried to act here on TE I may try to expose some of the things that led to my decision:

- yesterday I was browsing thru the site and saw the famours "Marine's" case which I already knew but in a superficial way and started to saw the reactions to this and Clio, KLB and other members.

I posted a thread where I aborded this issue and where I questioned if this was the most correct way of dealing with it - no insultes, no accusations, nothing of that just wanted to raise a question which was afecting the normal functioning of the site and was leading to the exit some of the oldest members of the site. One reply was made by fellow member Angshuman and in 10 minutes the thread was closed.

My humble question to you - why? i was not insulting anyone, offending anyone... was this attitude - i was raising a question because i cared about this site and it was sad to me to see members leaving for an issue, or for a misunderstanding.

After this I posted a photo and I was not very happy with this attitude from the Moderators - and I did not write any extensive note but I clearly mention where it was taken; i'm not going to be a lyer and I'm going to mention that I also write two statements regarding the issue of my thread being removed - but nothing directed to anyone.
Result - the photo was removed with an automatic response being sent to my mail with a note that it was removed due to an unaceptable note. I have more than 300 photos on TE never had one removed due to this or anything else this one was; this right after having removed the thread in the forums.

I'm not a saint and I was really really mad and frustrated with that attitude and then yes, i wrote somethings in the critiques referring to a prosecution - and the critiques were also removed.

What frustrates me the most is that I always kept here with the site even when the first wave of exits took place and I always took the defence of the site and I keep on saying that for having a good discussion about photography this might still be the better one, but I cannot stay under this climate that we are leaving these days and so I prefer to move on.

I have another question to you which might be important to those who will stay: why this sudden change in the moderation, sometimes so quiet and silent and suddendly so active and accurate?

Why the moderation seems to avoid these questions issued in the forums (forgive me if I'm wrong) if hey seem to be important to the good functioning of the site? don't you think it's better to face a problem and discuss it even if the discussion gets a bit harsher (not unpolite) than having these attitude which to us look like a "silent snipper" shooting to anything that moves and faces "the system" ?

I'm being the most honest and clear minded I can and I know that sometimes your (the moderators) task is not easy but I think that in this case you (all) didn't abord the subject the better way (forgive me once again if I'm being too honest) - I think this wave of contestation was crying, demanding for someone, like you are doing now, to show up and clear things out - as the result is catastrophic if you take some minutes and browse thru the main gallery and check how many members left since yesterday, myself included.

I leave but I want to say it was an honour to be part of this site, and having met most wonderful persons here and having learned a lot.

Finally, my final words to Adam which created the site, and to you, which once again with no offence to the others, are the only person which stood out and is ready to face the critiques and have a chat with us - just what failled yesterday and provoked this wave, to thank him for his idea and to you for the good work and effort you always shown to make this site prevail.

My sincere wish of good luck and maybe one day we'll contact again.


Porteplume 11-14-2010 08:01 PM


Originally Posted by chrisnet (Post 1155929)
Devant l'hémorragie de départs de membres éminents de ce site, il me semble qu'une clarification s'impose de votre part: Pourquoi avez-vous exclus plusieurs membres de ce site, était-ce justifié et pourquoi?

Bonsoir Christian,

La réponse en français à cette question est une traduction d'un passage de mon message + qq. explications:

That really "little incident" with Marine has been changed from mail to mail or from discussions to discussions in a HUGE AFFAIR which is absolutely not close to the reality. = Ce "tout petit incident" entre Marine et la modération a évolué en qq. mails et discussions en une GIGANTESQUE "AFFAIRE" qui n'a plus rien à voir avec ce qui s'est réellement passé.

Une suppression d'une de ses photos lui a fait poster une autre photo accompagnée d'une note qui n'était pas acceptable et qui méritait une sanction. Voilà ce qui est à l'origine de ce "branle-bas de combat"
Puis certains membres ont posté des images & des notes qui tendaient à réconforter Marine mais dépassaient aussi les limites du TOS.
Je n'ai pas personnellement exclus ces personnes puisque j'étais absente mais une erreur de manipulation a due être rééditée et je me suis aussi aperçue ce soir que Clio a mal interprété la dates de son ban de TE = le 1er novembre 2011 à la place du 11 janvier 2011 (01-11-2011)

Porteplume 11-14-2010 08:03 PM

Hi Paulo, I'll try to answer BY MAIL as soon as possible but English is difficult for me but you will get answer to the questions I can respond to.

Vato_Law 11-14-2010 08:20 PM


Originally Posted by Porteplume (Post 1155937)
Hi Paulo, I'll try to answer BY MAIL as soon as possible but English is difficult for me but you will get answer to the questions I can respond to.

Viviane Bonsoir,

tu peux m'ecrire en français je comprenderais aussi bien.

Meilleures salutations.

Keitht 11-14-2010 08:25 PM

I'd suggest that ideally it would be helpful to at least have the replies from the mods in both French and English. It won't be easy to achieve but might help reduce any misunderstanding and loss of meaning in translation.
Even if we can achieve that I suspect there will be delays before the alternative language version can be posted. I'd be interested to hear if the members think this would be helpful or if they are comfortable to do their own translation to their native language.

Paulo - can I ask you to hang in there a little longer. I believe there is light at the end of the tunnel - and it isn't a train headlight :)

Porteplume 11-14-2010 08:31 PM

OK Keith it may takes maybe some days but I'll try to answer in both languages, thanks for you being here to support me if you can... :)

OK Keith, je vais essayer de répondre aux messages & questions en deux langues, même si ça me prendre plusieurs jours, merci pour ton aide ici... :)

romanaa 11-14-2010 08:55 PM

the need of cleanning the air
Hello Vivian and all concerned,

it is very difficult for me to participate in this discussion and impossible to not at the same time as I was also banned for a month in summer.

I do not know exactly what had happened here with Marine, I can only guess.

But what I am sure about is that there are always at least two sides needed for a conflict, this is not only the matter of the recent Eversmile affair. Many of respected members had left or stopped posting long before Diane and others... that was the issue discussed when I was banned for expressing my opinions in forum, and even though I admit I got a bit hot tempered that time I still think I did nothing so bad to be banned. And I was even suggested to leave the site with the words "THE GATE IS OPEN"... I did not, as the friends I have here are too precious for me to do that, but I had the feeling that nobody had not treated me like that since Velvet revolution in 1989...

The reason why I am mentioning it is not self-pity, I really feel that these recent events are just a culmination of long lasting period when many members had feelings that the leadership of this site was not democratic enough. What I call for is the freedom of expression and speech. My thoughts are in accordance with Paolo's.

Writing this I feel I am at risk of loosing my membership - that is the result the mods achieved with the strict acts made from the position of power, the number of members leaving might suggests that it is not only my personal over-sensitive view.

My question is, with respect to the difficult role of moderators - is there any possibility of self-reflection from the headquarters, or will the attitude stay the same ie. Keep silent or leave...

I really wish this has a happy end,

Keitht 11-14-2010 09:15 PM

Hi Romana,

I certainly don't see anything in this post to get you banned. As you say there are always at least 2 sides to an argument. Somebody said there are always 3 sides to an argument 'My side', 'The other side' and the truth:) and I think there is some basis to that statement.

As a general rule it is better to raise concerns directly with the mods via PM than in open forums. That way others don't get dragged into situations where they are not privy to all the facts. I accept that if no response is forthcoming by following the general rule then members may feel they have no option but to make their point on the forum. That applies across the world of internet forums, not just here.

What we have been attempting to do is apply the rules of the site more consistently than has been the case in the past, and this does seem to have caused annoyance in some areas. There have also been changes to the rules e.g. the requirement to have notes which some members take great delight in finding ways round. Maybe application of the rules has been too strict on occasion and if that is the case then it is a cause for regret. We do need to look forward from this point rather than back. Drawing a line under the problems won't necessarily be easy and will take goodwill on all sides.

One thing I don't believe can, will or should change is the attempt to be consistent in our treatment of all members.

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