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Many people leave this site and many join on daily basis.
I know personally several who left because the quality of the uploads did not suit them. They did not make loud noise, they did not accuse moderators for doing a bad job. They just quietly left leaving other people in peace.
There are really many reasons people leave. The real reasons remain quite often unknown. People may DECLARE that they leave because of the moderators but may be they just realized that this forum is not for them. May be the mission statement and the profile of this site is not what they can identify with. May be their photos did not get enough attention and interest from others and they feel not appreciated?

Why don't we let people make their choices?

I believe TE will survive because it is an extraordinary place still gathering so many fantastic people. Everybody who feels that moderators are arrogant or that the place has gone bad: you may leave at any time, you may start your own forum or join other, but please do not offend moderators and the people who chose to stay. May be it is you who do not understand what TE is about? Regardless how may years you are here and how many uploads you have shared.
How is it that many people never had problems with moderators? May be they just understand this simple sentence: learning about the world through photography?