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Originally Posted by BennyV View Post
I fully agree with this.

"The only reason to keep the picture is that the photographer is a senior member and that the intention was a sensitive issue. Is it enough?"

Yes, sometimes the heart has to win. Laws are not made to be broken, but a good judge interprets. That is called wisdom. The removal of Jan's picture was a bad mistake.

I'm very sad.


100 % agree, I am very sad too

This site is a place of learning about the world.... this thread is a place of learning about people... the terrific lack of sensitiveness and human understanding that cannot hide behind any TOS rules strikes me.

I am very sad noticing that we are comparing a symbolic picture sent as a tribute to commemorate a member who has passed away to close ups on cats, door knobs... etc.

... as for me this is even an extreme case that common sense and pure human willingness to understand each other has been lost.

I wish we all would open our eyes and open our hearts... What, if not this discussion, teaches us about the world?

Happy New Year to you all