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Hi Malgorzata,
I would definitely try to stop you

But I believe there are several possible scenarios. Examples:

A very good friend of mine, darek1978, who I meet in real life on daily basis and we go photographing together, and make trips, he left the forum. His reasons to leave are still not quite clear to me. I tried several times to convince him to return but he did not. Yet in spite of his decision, he is still my friend. We first met through TE but I respect he chose to leave although his work was fantastic and very valuable for TE.

BlueRaven left due to moderators. She hated them. I do not share her opinion yet I loved her work, and I am sad she left. From time to time (too seldom) we write to each other and I follow her work on other forum. As I follow Cretense or Hardyuno or AiresSantos photos on facebook.

When you, emka, decide to leave, I would try to convince you that you should stay, because your photos are valuable for TE and your notes make excellent contribution. Yet if you decide to leave anyway I will respect it, hoping to stay in touch with you in private because except for TE we have also developed a friendship.

In my opinion jasmis case is different.
He was uploading pictures daily yet I don't recall noticing any of his pictures.
I checked his gallery when the conflict started and in my opinion he would fit better to TL. I don't actually understand why he never switched.
I believe he will be happier elsewhere.

I suggest everybody a simple exercise:
What comes to your mind when you hear words "TREK EARTH"?
What photos do expect to see when you read the mission statement "learning about the world through photography"?

TE does not want as may people as possible uploading anything.
TE does not want the best photographers in the world uploading photos if the photos are not suitable for this site.
TE wants to be TE.