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Default learning

Originally Posted by mkamionka View Post
In my opinion jasmis case is different.
He was uploading pictures daily yet I don't recall noticing any of his pictures.
I checked his gallery when the conflict started and in my opinion he would fit better to TL. I don't actually understand why he never switched.
I believe he will be happier elsewhere.

I suggest everybody a simple exercise:
What comes to your mind when you hear words "TREK EARTH"?
What photos do expect to see when you read the mission statement "learning about the world through photography"?
Actually, I think I learned A TREMENDOUS LOT about Poland from Jasmis' pictures, probably half of what I know about the country! Learning about Poland through Jasmis, haha!! And to spell it out: this kind of learning has got nothing whatsoever to do with famous landmarks, wikipedia factoids or beautiful postcards. This kind of learning goes deeper.

That, plus the fact that imho he is one of the best photographers on the site, made me react in the first place!!

Then again. Some people notice, some people don't. And that's OK by me.

I do have a problem with the way this discussion is developping and since I don't have any interest in that kind of learning, this will be my last entry here.


PS: Thank you, Romanaa.