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Default Re: To Furachan: unconditional

Hi Francis. Hope you will forgive me for intruding. I don't mean to take shots, but when I see you complain about not getting enough comments as a response to Peter mentioning your deleting, I can't help but think that you might be missing the point. More likely, I think you know the point, but your old habits die hard.

What is the point you are asking? Well, at least part of the reason you aren't getting as many comments as you are used to is because of how often (and quickly) you delete. In the past month, I would guess that at least half your posts get deleted before I even see them. I do have you as a favourite, but more often than not it seems your posts are gone before I check my email. If you give it more time, you will get more comments (at least some from me). I think that a likely further contributor to your issue is that I think there might be a fair number of people who have commented on your shots in the past, only to have their work wiped away with your deletion. After a few times, some are likely to give your shots a pass, as they don't want their hard work to vanish. I have to admit that sometimes I pass on commenting on a shot of yours when I think it is likely to be deleted later.

My opinion is simply that if you want more comments, you should stop deleting. Complaining about the lack of critiques while deleting half of your uploads is complaining about a problem which is in good part of your own making.

Again, I say this with all due respect and with no bad feelings at all. I trust you will take this in the friendly way I intend it.
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