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I think there are a variety of reasons people move on from TE. There are obviously more photographic communities on-line than there were and for people who are more into photography than the combination of photography, travel and learning about the world will probably look elsewhere.

One thing I have seen is that past members have used TE as a jumping off platform for their work. People like Adam Burton and John Freeman (two ex-members that come to mind) both pursue photographic careers now and have their own websites. I am sure others have left for similar reasons.

I have noticed that a few people only join up here to showcase their work and from the go-get have links to their personal sites where one can buy prints. They don't really participate in the critiquing at all.

As for numbers, I agree with Keith, fewer uploads means fewer images to scan for critiquing purposes and the more chance of feedback on your own work and a better chance for positive member interaction. Small can be beautiful

In the ten years since TE began the site has become a commercial enterprise and obviously not the same as it was, the goal now is money-making. Not everybody likes (or liked) these changes.

I think Stefano makes a valid point about feedback, there are very few members (in my experience) that give really good, objective feedback and indeed some members are unhappy if they get it and others unhappy if the don't.

The site means different things to different people and people have varied expectations and levels of involvement. That is the nature of people. People come and people go.

And finally regarding the moderators and image removal... yes it happens. Is it a reason to up-sticks and leave? Probably not, but maybe moving to a photographic site with fewer constraints allows the photographer to develop in other genres.

Have a nice day

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