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Default Hmmm...

Still alot of complaining I see...

A few points:

- alot of people have left, but alot are still here. I've just started posting and browsing again and am quite surprised at the names I have seen posting regularly. Things change, people change. There are always problems and there are problems with each and every photo hosting site on the web. It does look like the admin's are taking a more active role now which is a good thing.

- I saw a note about Adam's first picture... well, that was than, this is now. Again, I think it's a change for the better.

- Travel is all about adaptation (at least for me). Adapting to a different culture, different food, a different way of life. No matter how or what the format is on the date, someone will not like it and have to change thier way of thinking. That's life and a petty complaint.

- I've seen complaints about the ads. Well, TE is free and we live in a world where money is the "end all" and making money is the highest priority for alot of actions. Servers, hosting and maintaining a site like this costs money, and Truthfully, I would rather the revnue come from ads than members pockets...

Just my two cents. It's ashame when someone leaves. Especially a high caliber type photographer, but I have also seen alot of new photographers that are just as good. A rotating spectrum just like any other site.

Just my two cents. Not replying to anyone in particular...
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