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Do you want the site's previous version back ?"


Here are my thoughts:

Yes we are used to the user-friendly or better 'interface' that easily connects members, or make things interact faster with easy links, the convenience of knowing how to navigate with a familiar layout. This makes it all easy and worthwhile for all at the same time.

I guess the new site must go on like life itself 'a continous stream that goes with the flow amidst all the changes. The new site introduces us with a different and unfamiliar aproach, I may not be as active as before but when I first logged-in I lost myself in a maze. The fast paced city I come from with things always comes fast and I forget things in a snap! There will always be challeges, its just like having your first digital camera, something new comes up (though some are just for marketing strategies) but doesn't mean its always better - at first then it improves. I guess the site will depend on its members, their wonder in photography can be realised if you are determined enough to learn and want to explore more on this site. Technicalities are always there, I don't mind going through a new phase as long as the administrators don't give rediculous excuses. If you don't like it but you stay, there must be a love-hate relationship that keeps you around TE.

Do you want the site's previous version back ?"

No...Though I don't mind if in case they keep the old one.

I apologise for recently not replying to critiques or even critiquing. I'm a kind hearted man as most of my friends say but it is just I'm too busy since the economic crisis started.

Be Good to Earth ;)