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Hi Brendan,
I don't plan to upload anything today but I will try to make the screenshots next time I upload a photo.

Regarding the quality of photos:
on the beta there was a limit of 800px and the size limit was 300kb or something like it.
But the main point was that beta displayed real size photos. Now after the change of the limit it is still true:
beta display photos exactly as user defines them while main site decreases size to something about 790px.
Decreasing the size changes dramatically quality of the image. Those people who were able in the past (beta times) to upload the best photos used a trick: after decreasing the size -photo needed to be re-sharpened again.
Now: if you prepare photo at 800 px what you actually see vary depending on the browser. Some browsers display photos better other worse. Beta still display photos as the user sets them regardless of the browser. But the reason for worse quality is that with current setting at the main site: the photos are being decreased to 790 or so and not resharpened. The only solution is what some people do is to make a huge photos of high quality then the effect of decrease is less pronounced. However one of the concerns on the site is that the people can easily steal photos because they are not protected from being downloaded and indeed many members see their photos being sold elsewhere. I have seen myself my photo used commercially without my knowledge. So smaller size in a way is beneficial because it prevents photo from being stolen.
I don't mind making them a bit bigger but not original which can be printed as posters.
So if you were reading some notes under photos: people either: recommend using beta to see bigger and sharper photo (original) or they upload large size to compensate for the size decrease in the main site.
To see a difference you can go over a photo in main site and right click and select view photo: this is identical to what beta site displays.
In a way main site is easier you put whatever size you want and it makes a standard size photo. But for people who care about a quality it is a disaster since you have no control over the quality of the photo at all.

I don't know enough about the website writing to explain how the display of photos in beta is differently set than the main site but it surely is.
If we knew the actual size which the photos are decreased to, we could prepare the identical size but we have discovered that it is not as previously 800px but something a tiny bit below. So many of the older photos which were uploaded at 800px now appear not sharp.

Someone would need to look into the settings -how the size is being handled, what is actually displayed, if it differs for various browsers and what are the values and let us know.
There is also a probablilty that the algorithm which the website is using for decreasing the size handles 800px and transforms them even to same 800px but the transformation itself decreases the quality.
Either way the source photo stored on the website stays perfect since by right clicking and viewing it it looks good but the website setting must change it somehow...
I have to go...

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