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Just back from a couple of weeks in Portugal to see what is basically an old concern being discussed again. I have no problem with it being raised again and it is good to see quite a bit of general agreement around some of the issues and possible ways to address them.
I do believe that a change in the allowable image size was way overdue, but as with many other changes, they were brought in with little consideration for their effect. I certainly don't recall anybody amongst the Mods advocating or requesting the massive file and image sizes currently permitted. This was done by the owners / administrators of the site.
The site could certainly do with a facelift but, if it happens, please, please don't just add every possible gizmo and flashy effect just because they are available.
I would also like to see the 3 sites re-combined, but as Macondo has said, images would still need to comply with the basic ethos of TE. No selfies, or family shots!