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Default TE should be for fun!

It is indeed very sad to read that so many members are leaving the community, after feeling badly treated by the TE moderators. I have also had pictures and critiques deleted, and I have felt as insulted as anybody else.

But if TE is a commercial enterprise, I believe the owner should take more care of their product. If they want to sell advertisment space, they surely need viewers. But I see that the number of uploads per day, is rapidly decreasing. To peak was at March 2007 with around 800 uploads per day. Now there are about 250 uploads per day.

So, in my usually humble opinion, TE must make some changes. The sooner the better!

Do not insult grown up members with ridiculous actions like banning and deletions etc. Revise the TOS, donīt be so constraint about flower close-ups, elaborate frames, IR photos, excessive thanks and so on. Do these things really matter in the long run? Allow more freedom for the members! TE should be for fun, a pleasant hobby for adults!

Reinstall all deleted photos again, they are still there (like this one), with all the critiques that were already given.
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