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Originally Posted by saxo042 View Post
So, in my usually humble opinion, TE must make some changes. The sooner the better!

Do not insult grown up members with ridiculous actions like banning and deletions etc. Revise the TOS, donīt be so constraint about flower close-ups, elaborate frames, IR photos, excessive thanks and so on. Do these things really matter in the long run? Allow more freedom for the members! TE should be for fun, a pleasant hobby for adults!

Reinstall all deleted photos again,
I think the vast majority of people believe the TOS are in need of revision, but that is not the same as throwing all the rules away and letting everybody post anything they want. It could also be argued that there is little point in revising the TOS if members are unable to work within the current ones, which for the most part are unchanged in several years.
Assuming a decision is taken to revise the TOS, it will still take time for the new TOS to be formulated and published. Until that time don't we all have a responsibility to stay within the current rules?

To return to the reason for the existence of TE in the first place - its mission statement is "Learning about the world through photography". Close up images without meaningful notes do not fulfil that very basic brief. The reason for the 'excessive thanks' rule is actually very simple - they push other topics out of sight in the Photo forum. There is an assumption that people appreciate the feedback they get so there isn't a need to thank each individual critiquer. Members really do have to ignore repeated requests not to post multiple 'Thank You' messages before action is taken against them.

I've said on numerous occasions that I believe many members aren't even aware of the TOS, and that is in part down to the fact that they are buried in the bowels of the site and only accessible through numerous links. It's true that there is a link to the TOS on the 'Upload Photo' page but even that isn't exactly prominent in my opinion.

Reinstatement of all deleted photos simply isn't going to happen. There is a Review Request process if members believe an image has been wrongly removed, and many images have been reinstated. Many others however simply have no place here - that's why TrekLens was created. It is the place where pretty much anything can be posted, so long as it isn't obscene or otherwise offensive. Again, that site needs to be far more heavily promoted on TE than is currently the case.

Picking up on a point raised by another member - public discussion of the reason for suspensions / bans. That itself could create problems. It's one thing for a person whose posting privileges have been suspended, to ask why, it's another matter altogether when 3rd parties start to speculate, often spectacularly off the mark, and expect to have the reason given to them in open forum.

I genuinely believe that the furthest we should go is to say when speculation is totally wrong, although even that can lead to potential reasons being given and discounted until the answer is out there by a process of elimination.

What does please me greatly is the carefully considered contributions being posted both in this thread and the 'Newish member inviting debate' thread started by Iain. We probably won't agree on all aspects all the time, but it's far better to listen to each other than to 'throw the toys out of the pram' to us an English expression. Note - that's true for all participants, whether we are ordinary members or members with moderator duties. It is worth remembering that the mods are all posting members of the site too.
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