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Post The Age Old Question - Or the Old Age Question?

Dear All

At the risk of repeating what has, very articulately already been said, here I go.

My view is that the exodus of members has little to do with the moderators and the TOS. I think they are very conveniently and unfairly blamed for the problems this site is and has been having for some time.

Andrew (Macondo) puts the problem very logically and succinctly.

Part of the reason is the "I want it right now and I don't want to put any work into it" nature of society at the moment. People don't want to spend an hour critiquing 20 photos or writing a meaningful note, they just want the appearance of having done so. Add to that everyone's time constraints and there we have it. Click "Like" and move on.

As he says, however, there are other, more aesthetic reasons why TE is dying.

To me, Trekearth is not visually attractive and has not kept pace with technological changes. As a result, we have a very daggy, unappealing site with major technical glitches. It has become abundantly clear to me that the owners of this site care only about clicks - not about us. They are too stingy with money and too apathetic to change what is required.

So I join with Macondo and others and ask the owners to take notice. These are my suggestions:

1. Give the website a face-lift. It's beige - both literally and figuratively and needs to change.

2. Change the resolution back to 800 or 1200. I'm still not happy about my images being stolen. The larger size assists with this theft. My belief is the increase in size was a deliberate ploy by the owners.

3. Allow images to be uploaded from a smartphone or tablet.

4. Simplify the TOS

5. Actually respond - and respond quickly - to users' concerns and technical problems.

Unfortunately, this costs money, and these corporate owners don't want to know. So I despair for the future of this site.

All the best