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Default Re: The Critique Conspiracy

It is certainly more difficult to get work critiqued now, but I believe that is down more to the number of images going through the system than for any other reason. To stand much chance an image needs to have some sort of impact as a thumbnail to make it stand out from the crowd. I think if you look at your own images that have received a lot of comment you will see that to be predominantly true.
"You critique mine, I'll critique yours" is more difficult as it has the potential to create something of a closed shop. I do quite often look at the work of somebody who has critiqued my work, but if I don't see anything I want to comment on I won't submit a critique for the sake of it.
There certainly seemed to be a clique in the earlier days of TE, who would give glowing critiques which appeared to me to relate more to the photographer than the quality of the work. I have seen little evidence of that recently.
Looking at your pictures, there is currently only one that hasn't received any attention. That's a pretty good hit rate.
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