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Default Re: WHY WHY WHY??

INDEED, INDEED, INDEED, one might want to cut thru the mustard and ask the question why Mondaychild asked the cat question in the first place...

I don't profess to hold the answer, BUT BUT BUT I noticed with some dismay that she actually has a THEME called "Turkish Cats"... YUP YUP YUP! CATS CATS CATS albeit Turkish ones!

Well, what more do we need to say than that it is pretty absurd to see such a Theme in clear contravention of the TOS TOS TOS....

No matter how long, and how streneous our Mondaychild continues to drag in unrelated stuff... her Theme, and most of the photos in it are clearly not in harmony with the TrekEARTH theme, its rules, guidelines etc.

How much clearer does it have to be spelled out?
Perhaps someone will translate this into German, so it will sink in.

Personally I suggest we say END END END!

Otherwise what is next? A Theme about TOOTHBRUSHES???

As always... ;j.
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