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I cite here the beginning of the thread "Slow down" I posted in November 2012:
We had lately tenth anniversary of TE. In such an occasion we like to think how it was earlier. I have an impression that lately TE slowed down considerably. So I made a small research . I looked at one month in every year, I just took October. How many photos were posted in consecutive years (in 2002 it was November):
2002 280
2003 4088
2004 10071
2005 17204
2006 23726
2007 21456
2008 17004
2009 18294
2010 8033
2011 5775
In 2012 it will be near 5000.

The number 23726 seemed to me incredible, so I checked just one day,
15 10 2006 - there were 743 photos posted.

What do you think? What are the reasons TE seems not so attractive as it was?

I predicted there that it would be 5000 photos posted in October 2012 - I was too optimistic.
October 2012 - 4428 photos
October 2013 3456
October 2014 2844
May 2015 1890

There was a big discussion in this thread (33 replies) and everybody had his own theory but the result is indisputable: this site is slowly dying. The owners are not interested in any changes that could make it more attractive, there are quite often technical problems that are annoying, for the mods the strict rules are still priority and more and more active members without spectacular gestures just not appear here, prefer to move to other sites, like FB.