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Default "Learn about the world through photography" they said...

Within TE and the TOS there are people from 10 to >65. There are people with top education others with none. There are men, there are women. There are people of different cultures. etc etc etc etc

Jean Yves: The TOS is very open in the way to understand it.

Stronger rules or "report your next" is no way to go as I see it.

Some rules for notes is a little step, it wan't change the main frame of TE.

Maybe another way of sorting is to 'divisionalise TE' - but doing so will mean include and exclude and then again probably no good.

So maybe we are back to educate a little over time. Maybe one way could be to use this forum to other items than the most prosaic questions often accompanied by some dumb childish nonsense - some seems to mean that the more unserious humour the better for the forum.
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