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Default Re: "Learn about the world through photography" ...

I do understand your POV that I indicated already before but it won't work like this.

Violations ?
TOS is open for a lot of interpretations

No points and remark:
against TOS, you should encourage people, asking politly for other shots to learn about the world, that is still possible. Know that harsh critiques will also be removed as violation of the TOS.

Short notes:
some even asked for not adding a note as the shot tells the whole story, maybe true but it gives some arkward feeling to people who spend so much work on a good guiding note, sometimes done with a lot of research.

Short critiques:
Even 'I like the colors' is on the edge but admitted as a critique.

TE has not the target to restrict itself but to be open as much as possible to any kind of approach as an open community within the TOS, rude violations are indeed removed as reported but it has to be very clear then.

Personally I still plead for an extension of catagories, so many are placed under daily life, nature, architecture as the choices are so limited here.

Good chosen categories can indicate more your aim, your target in photography and help to browse them out.
some examples of more usefull catogories to add would be f.i.

- B&W
- informative
- experimental
- culture
...... who tells more ?

sorting them out as a combination of categories like informative + ceremony would be a pleasant feature then.
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