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Great fulvio52 2009-06-04 0:12

Hi, Kristaps.
Never apologize for the rude light, this is The West at its very best, the light is part of the package, actually a big chunk of it. Shooting at mid-day Utah and coming home with this kind of results means you play it in the Big League. Which is only for the chosen few, so... my compliments! Yeah, I know this spot. I've been here and plan to be back in 2010... Have a great day, talk to you later.

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Default To fulvio52: light

hey there Don

thank you for your kind comment; much appreciated as always.
as to that "never apologize for the rude light" part. you know, from what you hae toled me I can sense it in you - you are a true hiker... a true climber of the mountain.

a true hiker leaves his bed VERY EARLY to reach his/her destination by... NOON... simply because it takes quite a bit of time to hike up the mountain and you need SOME light to do that.

appreciating the mountain photographically is a tad different though. you do not have to be atop the mountain to display the splendor of it in a photography. you have to be in the right spot to do that in the most favorable light.

so, to sum all that gaaaligoock up: even in the west it's possible to get light that's not 'rude'; but, of course, you won't be atop the mountain at the time. you'll be in a place where (and when) you can appreciate the mountain photographically. in the case of this particular photo, on this day, i had alreay visitited: bryce canyon, kodachrome basin, governor's arch, etc., before coming to this spot... so-o, the light was rude. i could have done better if i timed my visit better :)

i apologize for the verbal dia...a ;)

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Default Re: To fulvio52: light

It makes a lot of technical sense what you say, buddy. But the feel of it (The West), well... that's based on rude light. There again, don't pay too much attention to what I say. I don't call myself a photographer, simply because... I'm NOT. Let's say that photography is way faster and way easier than painting oil on canvas, and a specific type of feel is pretty much all I care about, the technical aspect it's only a mean to achieve it and will have to bend, adjust & comply with MY rules. Have a great day, Kristaps. See ya soon,

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Default Re: To fulvio52: light

I understand what you're saying: about the authenticity of the 'feel of it'. Miss your shots of the West, buddy :)

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