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Old 07-31-2007, 10:19 PM
kinginexile kinginexile is offline
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Default Re: Question about People Photography

I think we are confusing rudeness and street photography, an amalgam that "rarely people in the shot" photographers (not all, but see what I mean..) like to throw at people whose interest is to catch candids, and accidental or emotional moments. For the guarded building, there are rights indeed. if shot from a public place, you the photographer is in your right to take the picture. I would add myself one shot of the guard.... Caught unaware of course! ;-)
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Old 07-31-2007, 10:30 PM
Silke Silke is offline
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Default Re: guarded buildings

I live in Canada and I can tell you for a fact that security guards can stop you from taking pictures even from the street and they have the right to call the police. If you get caught, you may have your memory card taken from you. You can of course sue them for recovery if you're prepared to spend a lot of time in court.

If you are shooting in countries like Syria, the police may take your camera away from you. Don't bother trying to argue with them. They can just put you in jail.
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Old 08-01-2007, 12:40 AM
kinginexile kinginexile is offline
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Default Re: guarded buildings

All things having little with photographers rights, Silke, but in one case, money and time fighting the tide of post 9/11 paranoia against one's own citizenry (and their constitutional rights, but maybe Canada has laws allowing private guards harassing citizens in public places, this I don't know), and the other, lack of rights, of course, in countries where you hardly need a camera to get your liberties, the few they leave you, taken away.
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Old 08-18-2007, 07:29 AM
iamback iamback is offline
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Default Re: Question about People Photography

Well, you can have a lot of fun with that - like being arrested for such antics. :)

Do not forget that many countries have laws about what can, and especially, cannot, be photographed. In general, that's anything of military importance - which in some countries is not only plainly military installations, but extends to post offices, railways, stations, bridges, airports. Don't even try to point your camera at those, let alone the guards; or guards at roadblocks, military police, etc. "Shot from a public place" has no meaning in that context - it's the subject that counts. If you are in a country you are expected to obey that country's laws - in fact you agree to do so by entering the country.

I took one shot of a small group of military police in Yemen - but they were eating at our restaurant at our invitation, and I asked politely before even pointing the camera at anything... but never, ever at any of the checkpoints along the road. We were careful to either not even have our cameras visible, or point it very obviously at the landscape in such a way that the building of the checkpoint would not be in the picture.

And do not forget that you may also get people accompanying you (a guide, or driver, for instance) into trouble by taking pictures of what is not legally allowed.
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