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  prezntime 2008-07-16 19:08

Hello Nelu.
I don't really get it...I mean, yeah, it's eye catching when looking at the thumbnail,, but, when viewed full screen we notice that the colors are a little unbalanced. The blue of the stream is too much, highlighted by the stones at the bottom left corner...they should be grey, or shades of black to mimic the proper shadowing. Given the amount of blue, the bright green on the mountains is very unnatural. The moon hanging in the sky just doesn't look as if it belongs in this shot. I don't mean any disrespect, but it seems only a result of some heavyhanded processing. Try not to overdo don't want your presentation to seem unnatural...unless you do...then, you must take it to extremes to acheive the surreal. Here, for me, this is only a bit strange.

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Default To prezntime: Hi Christopher,

Come on,give it a try: the river was in deep shadow and as we all know, the shadows are not gray or black,but they have a bluish cast.
The forest,if it`s not obvious,was in direct sunlight,which often times makes the things look warmer.
About the moon what could I say...I could move it behind the mountain if you don`t like the location:)
Thanks and "see you soon",
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