[publication] Magazine photo sale thanks to TrekEarth

  • I just recieved a copy of the October Edition of the Magazine Barcelona-Metropolitan where 3 of my photos was used in an article ablout the Cathars.

    As my impression is that many are interested in selling photos a little sucsess story may interest you.

    The first request was based on payment by <i>'the honour'</i> but we ended up with some money to my PayPal account - as it should be.

    A good example that displaying photos at TrekEarth have importance to be noticed also outside the community.

    For more details, a little montage (PDF) <A href="http://www.johanson.info/bilder/barcelona_metropolitan.pdf"target="_blank">here>></A>
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    Congratulations Jack, well done !

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    Without indicating how much you were paid, can you indicate whether you felt it was just a nominal figure or a decent commercial rate for the use of your images?
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    I'll think a general view from my side may cover your question:

    As photo selling is a marginal interest for the most of us I think in general a start price at 100.- pr. photo is a fair base for an amateur. Higher price depending of the commercial type of print, less i.e. to universities, organizations, low solutions photos for the web etc.

    I have over time sold some photos to magazines, universities, private companys etc. and have no problem with this way of negotiating the price. Often you also have to compete with those giving away their large sized photos for free - just to have the 'honour'.

    Today of course the download photobanks (stockphotos) offering photos to 3-5 is not excactly promoting a more decent price levels either...

    Finally with one exception my little 'trading' is based on people finding photos here at TE. And I think it is a good thing that the max photo size, 800px, is excellent for selling to printed publication as they have to have the large sized format for a good result.
    (I:E I have some albums/sets at Flickr but never upload large sized versions as they will be to easy to steal/copy.)
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    Great news, Jack, congratulations!

    Best wishes -
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    Hi Jack Congratulation for your achievement and sharing information about pricing.
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    I'm just starting to get out and sell 11"x16" prints. While showing at a local community event, I got a request for a larger version so I made a 20"x30" print. My Flickr uploads are typically 600x400 pixels or less, at 90DPI, which keeps people from being able to make decent enlargements if they are less than honest.

    The 11x16 prints are priced between $30-$45 unframed and the 20x30 for $129. I think that with a little marketing and leg work, I can sell enough to make it worth doing. The content has to be compelling of course.
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    Congratulations! Even if you've been published before it's still got to be a good feeling to open a magazine and see your photos there. I also congratulate you on insisting on a fair payment for your photos. Even if we're amateurs it doesn't mean we should give our photos away. Good photos have value, and at least some of that value should go to the creator. Great job!
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    Wow Jack!
    Well done.

    And thanks for the info.
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    Just a little updating.

    The group behind the magazine "Barcelona Metropolitan" will also use the photos in another publication:
    "Costa Brava Resident".

    This time we agreed to invoice 50% of the original sum.

    hm.. interesting this photo selling business.. ;-)