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  • If as a photographer you were given two free tickets for air travel anywhere in the world - say for two weeks - where would you go? Why would you go there? What would atttract you?

    best wishes Kev
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    i'd go to: armenia, georgia, uzbekistan, turkmenistan... all those former ussr republics, why? - just look at what narayan showed;
    this region is so ...hmmm, still unspoilt, natural;
    or i'd go to jamaica, again :-))
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    I must say these places crossed my mind because of Narayan's photos - Frances really wants to take me to JA to see her childhood and teenage haunts - ypo ever thought about South America?
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    I would go to Sahara, although I already went there once (in Algeria). But this time, I would visit another region of the Sahara, which is so huge and offers so many kinds of landscapes and great emotions and feelings.
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    Borneo! Right now I'm totally keen on Borneo. It seems to have it all. Jungles, Mountains, Seasides (including some great coral reefs) and a vast range of very different cultures. From cannibalistic tribes to modern islam.

    Iceland is also high on my list and I'd love to get back to the Andes.

    Interesting question!
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    If there are no security or visa restrictions; North Korea

    otherwise Turkmenistan or back to Tajikistan or Uzbekistan... or Ethiopia, the photos from Swiatek are very inspiring.

    Actually, now that I am more interested in photography, I would like to return to Central America because when I was there before I wasn't making good photos... so, I would say Nicaragua.
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    uuum! Borneo is one I hadn't thought of at all - sounds like more than two weeks though! You couldn't get much more of a contrast than with Iceland!
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    Dare I say Angeline Jolie's bedroom?
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    you go OUT!!!!

    I'd like to go:
    - in Argentina
    - in New Zealand and Australia
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    Like Loic, I 'd like to go to Australia, New Zealand
    but firstable
    <b> Patagonia </b>(Chile and Argentina)to see the pampa and the Terre de feu (don't know the english name) : it 's an old dream !