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Old 04-05-2003, 09:02 PM
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Default "My" photograph in the digital age...

Traditionally one took and processed a photograph, then displayed or sold it.

People could look at the photograph and make comments on how it might be improved or just handled differently. The photographer could make changes or not, as it pleased him or her.

In these days of the web the world has changed. In order for someone to see your photograph they have to download it. Once it's downloaded they can do anything they like in terms of editing.

(Let's leave the ownership/copyright issues aside for the moment.)

They might improve the picture in terms of better editing. Or they could 'change' the photograph into a different form (e.g., color to B&W). A form that may be less, the same, or more interesting to you.

Pre-digital a photograph was something like a painting. Only 'one of a kind' or at least a process tightly controlled by the individual photographer.

These days it might be beneficial to think of the photograph more like a song.

The songwriter creates a song. Perhaps, and often, records a version.

Then various artists perform their versions. And those versions can be anywhere from awful to wonderful. And 'awful' and 'wonderful' may be dependent on the particular audience.

Perhaps we've moved forward in photography.
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