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Great plimrn 2006-03-22 11:37

It breaks my heart that we are still doing the same things. I used to think that the German people silently supported Hilter's actions but the five years of this administration have humbled me. I have done everything in my power to change this awful course and I know of no person who supporrts the actions of this administration; not even my Ronald-Reagan-loving, ultraconservative father. But when the axis of evil that is the Bush Adminstration and his terrorist fundamentalist 'Christian' buddies own the voting machines and all the media except the internet, I am powerless. All the plans to limit highspeed access to big providers are an attack on this last bastion of freedom. Sorry about the Rant. Pat

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Default To plimrn: rant

Feel free to rant. There was a highly intelligent American woman on our tour and her reaction was she felt like tearing up her passport. This is what I meant when I told you earlier there was gritty stuff to come. Tomorrow I write about the aftermath.
I'm trying to be neutral and non-judgmental. Most of us are powerless to stop our governments from what they are intent on. In this case as the American people were kept in ignorance they couldn't even demonstrate.
Thank you for your comments; they do you great credit.
Sorry if this sounds patronising; it isn't meant to be, but you can imagine how profoundly all this has affected us.
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Default Re: To plimrn: rant

It doesn't sound patronizing and I don't have to imagine the profound effect. I live with it.
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Default Re: To plimrn: rant

Of course I don't live with it like any of the many peoples living a battle zone. :)
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