To xramm: thank you

  • Dear Hakky, thank you for your comment. Concerning the size of the killer whale in the picture, you are maybe right, but let me tell you how I see the point. I think that it depends on what one wants to take in its picture. This picture does not want to be a picture of a killer whale, but rather a picture of a killer whale and its natural environment. This is, I think, what a non professional photographer can do. For wildlife it is very unlikely for a non professional photographer to get very close to them, (also because they are mainly underwater, in this specific case) and the risk of trying to enlarge the animal as much as possible in the picture is, for an amateur photographer as I am, just to take a bad picture, because I did not have a super zoom, neither a tripode, and all the fancy things that a professional photographer usually carry with himself.
    My personal opinion about wildlife photography made by amateurs is that most of the pictures are bad just because they try to take the animal as close as possible. No chance to get good pictures if you are not a prefessional photographer. I think that if I would have tried to make the orca fit the whole frame, the result would have been much less interesting.
    Thank you again for seeing my picture.
    Regards Stefano
  • Re: To xramm: thank you
    Dear Stefano

    I am hundred percent agree with you. Good tools mean good money and if you are an amateur like me, it is hard to make next step. I like wildlife photography but it is really different side of photography, I know its not easy.