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Great Polonaise 2008-12-05 9:40

Kristaps, buddy mate

It would be just wonderful if you would switch more towards photography from, let's say: registration.
In another words: Try to offend me with something that is dirty, sweaty, out of order, and it has as little useful information about the world as possible !!!

In other words: Hit me with a photography !
There is no cursing, no dirty words in your photography. No touching...No smelling...
That awful long lens and the lack of contact...
(I've chosen this photo because at least, in here - the woman is interacting with you..)
But - that's not enough in the people's photography...
Not enough nowadays, that is... Not enough in the world of billions of cameras in everyday use...

She is there posing for the tourists.

Try to use that situation to your advantage.
She will be more than willing to do ..Well..Whatever you ask her to do...
She will allow you to come closer, shoot a dozen of photos from every corner possible. wide angle...Closeups.. Hands... The face
Why not rudely block the other 'photographers' and their cameras...
Why not for the precious several seconds ( or minutes) have her to your own disposition ?
The light over there was not to your favor. Deep shades ( her eyes !!!), sharp contrasts, burnt bricks of the backgrounds...

Rule the word brother, and try to be as offensive with your photography as possible and as often as possible...
At any occasion...

Love, man... Love and women !


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Default To Polonaise: offense

hey there, george pal

heh, not that often one sees YOU writing half a page worth of tips ;)) love that, man! and feel honored. a good part of it, i can use.

true, i did not use the situation to my fullest advantage - an observation very perceptive on your part, george. to be honest, i was happy about this finger she gave me (she actually was quite morose [and, no, she was not really posing], same as in the TE link i provided, in the first 6 shots i took of her. took those 6, went away, came back, did/said something and took this one)... anyway, this was, i guess, 3rd or 4th time i ever 'interacted' with someone @ random in the street, pointing my camera at them. so, in a sense, i was happy for myself... i know, i know - 'vanity, my favorite sin'.

but that fancy-schmanzy stuff you're talking about: i'll try that out the next time for sure. of course, i'll have missed my opportunity with this one, but, hey - you lose some, you win some, right?. and there's always the beginning ;)) and END too...

as to the stuff you refer to as "photography". sorry, George, I'm not sure, I really know what you're talking about. I am a simple man and alas, no artist. I can appreciate beauty though; beauty in expression, beauty in light, beauty in mood, beauty of the frozen moment, beauty in anything that my mind/heart tells me is such; but great "photography" as cursing, dirt, smelling, pride parading just for the sake of it? I think, I have not grown enough yet to comprehend the true significance and value of it. maybe one day, maybe, pal :)

registering? to be honest, for me the TRUE PHOTOgraphy is registering a dumb soldier taking one in his heart for the sake of the stupid ideas his country has instilled in him as result of certain European political and philosophical development (the outcome of which is being called 'nation state'). and i know, i am nowhere near to being able to accomplish 'registration like that'. if i get there one day, i guess i'll be a happy camera owner.

returning to the 'dirty, etc.', and 'having as little useful information about the world as possible': there are always crayons around. crayons, oil paint, water colors, clay, you name the media traditional or modern... and there was always billions of ways to express oneself that way. no need to wait for gzillions of commoditized cameras in morrons' hands.

cheers, love, and admiration
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