To fulvio52: equal distance

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    yup, you're right: I felt mesmerized by his face; perfectly ironed shirt and those rolled up pants and, of course, the lunchbag next to him; everybody around munching (either food or thoughts) away, except him... he seems like a character straight from Lativan XIX century romantic nationalism novels.
    as to phocus: it was right on him, but due to the same (almost) discance, also the woman staring at me came out pretty sharp. no extra blurring was applied, except, once downsizing to the TE size, i sharpened only the man in the center and the lady staring: that kind of blurred everything else by default (downsizing).

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    Man, I'm a GENIUS... I figured it ALL right, hehehehe! Just joking, thanks for the explanation, buddy. I really got no clue about this kind of shots, but since the moment I know the "street" I guess I can "sense" them in a way. Cool shot, cheers!
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    but, of course, you are a GENIOS, Don. you really had any doubts about that!??