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Photography has been an interest for me for many years, but I only took it up more seriously in the last couple of years. Last September, my dad gave me his Nikon F3. I used that for about three months, and then I bought a Nikon D70s. Man, has it been an amazing experience since. I've been learning photoshop CS2 slowly, but I've got a lot of help from my coworkers at our local camera store where I've been working since about last christmas.

I'm relatively new to photography. There isn't really a specific area/style of photography that intrigues me more than another. But I do love the drive and rawness of photojournalism which I got to experience a bit while doing some sports and school election photography for our university newspaper a couple months ago.

My family and friends are key in motivating me, especially my fianceem, Janada. She puts up with me and my new hobby. She really supports me on it and has a creative eye, giving me real positive input and feedback on my shots all the time. She always keeps me focused on having fun with it, and that's what's important to me.

If you want to see more of my work, you can check out my photosite at

Thanks for checking my photos out!

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