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Trip Date:2005-02-13 - 2005-02-28
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Countries visited:Guatemala, Mexico
Between february 13th and februari 28th of 2005 I travelled with three friends and a bycicle through high and low guatemala, crossing through arid and mountainous land and lush vegetation of the cloud- and rainforest. We saw great nature and theunbelievable cultur of the living Maya.

We started in Guatemala City and went west for the first days. We visited the beautiful former capital 'Antigua de Guatemala' and crossed through the dry coffeefinca's to the wonderful lake 'Atitl嫕'.
We reached the lake riding over a completely deserted paved highway, probably because of the warnings about armed hold-ups on that way in the guides.
Everywhere we came there were friendly people warning us for the dangers of the country but we met only friendly people (except in Nahual). Maybe four guys on bikes are not of interest for bandits.

We stayed a day on the lake in the village of San Marco, which is a place ful of new-age travellers and yoga-minded people. The lake is surrounded by villages that appeal to a very specific kind of traveller. San Pedro for instance is the place for the very low budget hippie and Panajachel for the nightlife seeking tourist.

We climbed steeply over the high mountain range of the south and reached over the 3000 metres when we went to the pleasant city of Quetzaltenango, the second city ot the country. From there things got rougher. The roads were rocky and unpaved through Quich when the sun became hotter and the enviromment dryer.
The hardest riding was the part between Sacapulas and Coban, where the road went steep uop and down whlie pick-up-trucks passed by leaving us in the dust.
The landscape was unforgetable here.

Coban is a pleasant place to stay a while and we did (a day) where we visited a coffeefinca. The surroundings of Coban are beautiful. In the cloud forest flies the national bird of Guate, the Quetzal.

The last three days we left the high land and went into the lush rainforest of Rio Dulce where we ended our trip and relaxed for two days in a hacienda (an old rubberplantation) and went for a boatride over the river towards tghe Carribean.