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Trip Date:2003-08
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The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is a new destination for me. It's that stretch of land that straddles the north shore of Lake Michigan and the south shore of Lake Superior. That's the best way I can describe it. I was doing a circle tour of Lake Michigan from Chicago driving north (west of the the lake) to Wisconsin, (Milwaukee and Green Bay), then head over to Mackinac in the northeast of the lake then down to New Buffalo but somehow I got lost and ended up in the Lake Superior area. It was a surprise. There were so many things to do - from camping, hiking, casinos, boat cruises, food, more boat cruises, waterfalls ... The most wonderful trips for me were the Pictured Rocks (see my pictures) and the viewing of the shipwrecks.

Lake Superior is a graveyard of ship wrecks dating back to the 1800s. Since the water is so pure (no bacteria), the shipwrecks are well preserved. Some can be seen from the surface, most you need to dive or go on a glass-bottomed cruise. They are still catalogueing the wrecks with some wrecks just recently discovered ... and they're saying they may discover some more.

I ended the trip in Michigan in Traverse City (no longer UP) where I stayed for three days - another discovery. It's a resort town with wonderful beaches and hotels on the beach.