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Guanajuato panorama
Guanajuato panorama (54)
Trip Date:2004-05-08 - 2004-05-31
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Countries visited:Belgium, Canada, Mexico, United States
May 8

Flight 951 from Brussels to Washington D.C. and flight 947 from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles Lax airport.
After a dinner with my cousin, night at the hotel Holliday Inn in LAX.

May 9

Start meeting at 10h00 am at the hotel. Then short visit of Beverly Hills and Hollywood blvd. Lunch at Venice Beach where I walked along the beach of BayWatch...
End Afternoon, depature for San Diego. Dinner at restaurant and night in a campground.

May 10

Early departure from San Diego to Tucson in Arizona. That day was a long drive trough the desert and at the end of afternoon, we arrived at Saguaro National Park where I spent the night in a campground. Saguaro National Park is wonderful for its amazing cactus and with the sunset, I have no words to describe the show...

May 11

Early departure with a short visit of Tucson town in the morning and then, road to Mexico's border in Nogales (Sonora state). After some administration with customs, bank and the van, I eat my first "taco" in a small restaurant along the road. Then, we drove till Hermosillo, capital of Sonara state and short visit around the "Zocalo". To end this day, we drove till Guaymas where we spent the night in a campground.

May 12

Today, departure from Guaymas (Sonora) to El Fuerte (Sinaloa). Lunch on a small restaurant in a small village along the the road and arriving at El Fuerte in the afternoon. Visit of the town and a fort and night in a campground.

May 13

Taxi from the campground to El Fuerte station (+/- 3 kms) where we have to take the train around 10h00 am... At 10h30, the train arrive but we can't go in because it's full! The next one is the day after... So, back in the campground in taxi and lunch. In the afternoon, we went on the beach at Los Monchis. Dinner and night in a hotel at Los Monchis.

May 14

As Los Monchis is next to the Pacific, the train leave earlier and we must be at the station at 6h30... So, very early leave of the hotel in a Taxi and breakfirst in the station. This time, we can go in the train and we go very very slowly in the mountains... I had a lot of time to admire the differents landscape, to take picture and to drink tequilla with the other...;) At 7h00 pm (yes, it was 12 hours in the train!), we arrive in Creel. We went directly in the hotel and have dinner there.

May 15

Finally, a not very early wake up (9h00 am instead 6h30), breakfirst in the hotel and then, excursion with a mexican guide in hot bassins of the canyon where we swim with 2 indians childrens. Pick nick there too. Back in Creel during the afternoon, a city full of indians, where I have done a little shopping and then a walk till a statue in the hill. Then, dinner and night at the hotel.

May 16

That day was again a wake up at 9h00 with the breakfirst at the hotel. Then, with a guide, we visited copper Canyon and saw how the indians are living in the canyon. We eat tacos sold by indians in Divisadero station and waited a long time for the train. When the train finally come at 4h00 pm, we leaved copper canyon and were back in th hotel in Los Monchis at 2h30 am.

May 17

Early departure from Los Monchis and long road till Mazaltan, a city very close to tropico of cancer that we crossed juste before our arrival. After a lunch on the road, we arrived in Mazatlan during the afternoon and visited shortly the city around the zocalo. After, we went to the campground situated a couple of kms further and spent de night along a very nice beach of Pacific Ocean.

May 18

With the short night of the day before, we wake up later. We sent the day at the Beach of Mazatlan (far away from downtown). With the Britsh couple of the group, I went in Catamaran to Venados Island where when I swam to see the fish I avoid joly fish... Unfortunalty, I don't have a camera that can go under the water! During the afternoon, I spent 1 hour in a cybercafe where I sent some messages on TE! After shopping, I cooked steaks on the barbecue at the campground where we spent the night again...

May 19

Early departure to Puerto Valarta (Jalisco state), another resort for Americans (lunch on the road). We arrived there during the afternoon and visited shortly downtown. After, we went to the campground situated in Nayarit state where we had dinner and spent the night.

May 20

From the campground in the morning, very nice experience of horse riding along the beach and in the forest. After, departure at the end of the morning to the south of Puerto Vallarta. Lunch in the restaurant of a an hotel situated in a small canyon. During the afternoon, we swam in the river down the canyon. Then, back in Puerto Vallarta downtown where we spent the end of the day doing shopping and have dinner at a restaurant but didn't sleep there as we went after that back to our campground in Nayarit state.

May 21

Early departure in direction of Tequila, where we, of course, visited a distillery of this famous alcohool at the end of the morning. After, lunch and visit of the town. Then, in the middle of the afternoon, departure in direction of Guadalarajara, important town (more than 3 millions inhabitants) where stayed 2 nights. After a free time and shopping, we had lunch in a restaurant and spent night at an hotel.

May 22

Whole day in Guadalarajara where I visited during the morning a museum relating Mexico's history. After, lunch at the market and visit of the town. Dinner at a restaurant where we see typical mexicans dances and night at the hotel.

May 23

Early departure from Guadalarajara to Guanajuato where we had lunch and a too short visit of this wonderful colorful town. During the end of the afternoon, road till San Miguel de Allende, another nice town of Guanajuato state. Dinner and night in a campground.

May 24

Early departure from San Miguel de Allende to Patzcuaro where we had lunch along Lake Patzcuaro. During the afternoon, boat tour to the Island of Janitzio (this island is on every 50 pesos bank notes). End of afternoon, short visit of Patzcuaro and then dinner and night in a campground.

May 25

Again early departure for Taxco, considered as the oldest mining town of North America and situated in a very nice landscape. Luch on the road and arrival during the afternoon for the visit. Dinner and night at an hostel.

May 26

After a breakfast in a restaurant of Taxco, departure to Acapulco where we arrived for lunch. Visit of a fort and the town during the afternoon. Dinner and night at a campground a few kilometers outside the city.

May 27

Get up at 9:00 am due to the hot weather, I went in a boat excursion on the lake close to the camping, where I saw lots of differents birds. After a lunch at a restaurant on the beach also close to the camping, we went in again in the city of Acapulco. This time I walked along the beach and saw Parque Papagayo. Before dinner, we saw the crasy divers jumping from a very high cliff.

May 28

Early depature from our camping around Acapulco to Teotihuacan. Unfortunaltly, our license plate had a 9 at the end and it was impossible to cross the state of Federal District of Mexico. Our guide tried but was arrested by the police and we had to take very small roads. She drove during 12 hours, I didn't took 1 picture and we arrived at the end of the day only at a camping of Teotihuacan where we saw all was wet due to the rain.

May 29

Last day of my trip and early departure to visit the pyramids of Teotihuacan with a sunny weather on the morning. After, last van traject till Mexico city and arrival at my last hotel arround 12:00 pm. Lunch at a restaurant and visit of Mexico city during the afternoon. During the evening, last dinner with the members of our group who were still there and even some members of the next group, going till Cancun from Mexico. Night at the hotel.

May 30

Early depature from the hotel to Mexico city airport and flight to Washington D.C. and then flight to Brussels, where I slept during nearly all the time...

May 31

I landed in Brussels at 7h15 am... End of this travelogue...