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kajenn 01-22-2014 03:04 AM

To Didi: About Large Versions...
Hi Didi,

Thanks for your input and advice on my posting from Trieste. I use the new version of TrekEarth, but in the old-fashioned way. Both regarding size of the image uploaded and linking to the large version if it's a panorama.

I haven't really cared about the possibility to upload images as large as 3500 x 3500 pixels at 7 MB, as I have a routine I follow almost since my first upload. But I realize now that the way you describe might be a possible route to follow.

Looking through the panoramas at your site, I realize that you previously linked to large images outside TrekEarth. Am I right in believing that the reason was, that you'd used up all the space for the Large Versions (20 MB) on TrekEarth? And that you hadn't found this new "right click" procedure at that time?

I'm almost as fond of panoramas as you are, so thanks for advising me about this "new" possibility for uploading - and not only for panoramas...

Best regards,

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