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Nelu_Goia 07-17-2008 02:27 AM

To prezntime: Hi Christopher,
Come on,give it a try: the river was in deep shadow and as we all know, the shadows are not gray or black,but they have a bluish cast.
The forest,if it`s not obvious,was in direct sunlight,which often times makes the things look warmer.
About the moon what could I say...I could move it behind the mountain if you don`t like the location:)
Thanks and "see you soon",

prezntime 07-17-2008 03:01 AM

Re: To prezntime: Hi Christopher,
Well, yes...yes...but, lets admit it, you did a bit of PS work here. I started with digital photography, so I have a slight understanding of the qualities of both film and digital. Here, if the shadows were so prevelant on the forgeound, so blue indeed, then you would expect the same gradiation in the shadow areas of the moon...atleast the blending of shadow into light on the moon. Yes, I do understand the effect of direct sunlight on an environment, and the the subsequential effect on the shadow areas, I see alot of saturation in this presentation...a tad too much.
I never said I don't like the shot, I just think it is a bit over the top...not enough over the top to make this shot a surreal experiment in photographic artistry, but enough to detatch the final product from reality.
In summation, my only real nit-pick is the overall blue of the water and stones in the foeground. I do understand that shadows can, at times, appear blue to the eye, but there is a blanket of blue upon the foreground and no highlight whatsoever...That's all.
Look, it's better than most..but, I don't want to fluff a comment that I make...I want to give you my honest opinion.
Warm regards,

Nelu_Goia 07-17-2008 03:10 AM

Re: To prezntime: Hi Christopher,
I love to make people say:"It`s over the top!":)
Now really,the lower part of the photo was not "photoshop-ed" more than taking it from the lightest version of the raw file and added to the other one.
The blue was there and I think you realize that if I wanted to ,I could have removed it,but THAT have been unnatural.
I left it as it was because I liked it.
Because you deserve it, I have to confess that the moon was there,but much smaller,so the truth is somewhere in the middle:)
To have my "revenge" I made a workshop for one of your gorgeous photos,and I hope you DO MIND IT:)
For that photo I wanted to keep the mood but it was altogether too dark so I increased the highlight from 75 (in Lab color mode) to 95 (100 being the absolute white).
Thank you very much and I love to hear honest opinions,

prezntime 07-17-2008 03:19 AM

Re: To prezntime: Hi Christopher,
Haaa...I loved it...So whose revenge is it? Thank you, please keep in touch, I'll keep an eye on your gallery.


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