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Polonaise 06-18-2009 06:35 PM

To Clairedelune: Reading Solzhenitsyn ?
Posters at election time..?

The western world has no idea how huge can be the posters of a LEADER (!!!) at the 'election' time in the communist world.
To simplify the procedures( saving a lot of hassle and troubles for their people) the leader himself was kind enough to decide who is going to be the democratically elected leader for the next five years.

That shows how much he cared about his people ! He would do anything for his people ( well, at least for those who survived).
That's why they loved him so much and many of them - still do !


And, you try to read Solzhenitsyn ?


Merline 06-18-2009 07:19 PM

Re: To Clairedelune: Reading Solzhenitsyn ?
Claire, out of print in French ? it's a scandal !

? sorry for butting in, but it's a strong compulsion when I see your names on the forum thread, I am always sure it's going be interesting :-).

Gosh, I read him when he first came out with his books...still have yellowish pocket versions of Matryona's place, the Cancer Ward and the First circle. His first appearances on TV...

Ze vorld is vull of idiots (not sure about the spelling)...

Hugs to both of you

Clairedelune 06-21-2009 06:54 PM

Re: To Clairedelune: Reading Solzhenitsyn ?
Yes, Michèle. Out of print.
Since he died in August last year, I thought they would republish the book. Nope. It's impossible to buy this book new.

I just started to read it. About fifteen pages read by now. And I am already dumbfounded. I know... there is lighter summer reading. But it's me. Going against the normal way... ;-)


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