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aktanksley 03-30-2021 12:24 AM

Water Lady
A friend of mine was born and raised in Jodhpur. When he saw this photo he told me that woman is named Tara. The children call her 'Tara Auntie.' Her job during his entire life (40 years, he was born in 1979) and before has been to draw water from the well and deliver it to homes in the old town section of Jodhpur every day. Even though water is piped to the homes, well water is used for drinking and cooking. Long ago, her husband was hurt in an accident and could not work, she has supported her family all these years by delivering well water. After she delivers this pot full of water whe will return to the well, which is about 200+ meters from this location and draw another one and walk all the way back to deliver to the next house... and on and on, again and again.

Blue Streets of Jodhpur photo:

Porteplume 03-30-2021 08:02 PM

Thank you Kim...
Thanks a lot, Kim, for your posting on the forum today.
I really like to hear about such amazing discovery you can make on Internet and especially when we can recognize a place or a person on a photo from TrekEarth... 😀
It made remember a photograph on my gallery where someone wrote:

“Merci Viviane!
Was browsing the web in search of some pictures of my village - Saou - (nostalgia I guess...) and I found your picture, which is my bedroom window!!
It made my day :)”

Isn’t it wonderful?
Have a good day and a lot of friendly greetings from Holland to you Kim!

Viviane aka Porteplume

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