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holmertz 06-25-2021 07:27 PM

To PaulVDV: jacob/james
Thank you Paul,
I had in mind that Jakob/Jacob is usually translated as James, but when I found Jacob on Wikipedia I decided to use that version since it is closer to the Swedish name.

I think the quality of the water here has seen a similar development to that in Belgium. Great efforts have been made in recent decades to clean it up. The locally caught fish was probably not very healthy in the 1960's or 70's, but now the situation is much better.

emka 06-25-2021 08:22 PM

Hello Paul and Gert,

it is easy to understand that James, Jakob and Jacob is the same name. Maybe less known is that Santiago (de Compostela) is the same person - Saint James the Great, the brother of John the Apostle. Other versions of the name: Tiago, Jaime and Diego.

The Vistula hosts quite a lot of fish: around 30 different species have been identified near Warsaw, including bream, catfish, zander, asp, pike, perch, eel, barbs, roaches, chubs or carps. It means that it is simply a good habitat for animals. The water in Warsaw taps in the vast majority of cases comes from the Vistula River (after filtering).
Have a nice weekend


PaulVDV 07-06-2021 05:52 PM

Hi Malgo and Gert,

A late answer:
Years ago I was very surprised that Tiago and Jacob are the same name.
It sounds so very different :)
I didn't know about Jaime and Diego ...

Apparently a number of rivers in Belgium have become sufficiently healthy to allow fish to live again, but not yet enough for humans to be able to consume that fish.

Kind regards,

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