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Default To TylerDurden: Ki Monastery @ Kaza

right! This is Kaza. Its a lot popular place and VERY EASY for most of enthusiasts to access all these days, so one deliberatly has to work it out that journey doesn't remain trouble free(There's gotta be some man!!)

If you are in Kaza, you ride back to Rangrick(Same way you reached Kaza if you are coming from Losar or Manali. Aftre 5 mns ride you have road bifurcating on a bridg. Bridge on your left now takes you back to manali and if you don't turn, you start a spining your wheels across mountains(you have another small bridge here also)for atleast good 10-20 mns and you reach Ki monastry, the one among oldest in the region. You gotta check out for monastery as main turn to it is somewhat not easily traceable and you might end up riding to ex-highest permanently habitat of world, Kibber, just 20 mns from Ki.(ki is 18 kms from Kaza i guess)

Take care
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