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Default To rigoletto: heyyyy!!

you are right, your last contact with me was that long, or maybe much longer!
however, i am sure i have seen and critiqued your (first) foto upload after you came back from the (required) military's blah, blah blah, and yes, you have not responded to my welcome back offer for a toast!! anyway, i am glad to see one of my favs here in "circulation" again.

the coastline, (beaches in particular) in the summer is a heck of a place to go visit (too much people, too much confusion, not to mention about parking fee cost doubling up, and a bottle of drinking water costing one almost 4 bucks!). would you be enjoying it when you have to fall in line to use the bathroom? dude, the qeue is like 5 yards everytime, seems endless!! i managed to go to Venice Beach when my cousin came for a visit, she enjoyed, I didn't!

thanks for dropping by. heading for work in few minutes. see you around, Den!

cheers from this part of the globe,
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