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Default To Adrique: Trnava

Hello Adrian.

I would like to thank you for taking your time and commenting on my photo. I must say that I agree with your opinion. The composition is really static and that (unfortunatelly) makes this picture rather dull. I am aware of that. But as you said (and I am glad you have pointed that out); it is extremely hard to document some detail of a building and make it interesting and appealing to others without loosing some other aspect of a photo at the same time.

Please, do not thank me for posting a photo of your hometown, because it was my pleasure to do that. Trnava is really beautiful city and it would be a shame not to post any photos about it. I have enjoyed my stay there and you can be more than sure that I will make a stop in Trnava on my next trip to Slovakia.

What did I do in Trnava? I was actually being there as a part of delegation that was visiting PSA plant; but in the free time I was walking around the city, visiting churches (my favourite is St. Nicolas church, but at that time they were doing some renovation works on it), I also went around faculties and I visited most of the pubs in the town (the best way to get to know the locals). It was nice. And I really like the city wall (even though it got us a bit confused, when we got ther the first night). I am sorry we stayed there only for 2 days (we spent most of the trip in Bratislava), because there was still much to see.

Enjoy your day and take care.

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