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Default Travel in Norway, Osle to Stavangeren

Hi there,

My brother and I love photo shooting.

Some years back we were both boy scouts, FDF its called i Danish, as boy scouts, we went hiking in Norway. We have been at the top of glittertind, i think that is the highest we have been.

but anyways, we would love if someone could provide us with some information, maybe nice photo locations and stuff on the trip. we have only decided that we are going for 2 ore 3 weeks, and we start in oslo and end up in stavangeren. what to see ore how and when, we havent decided jet. so any information provided would be lovely. and if some from norway know about the rules of hiking in norway. ! it would be lovely. in Denmark, we only god the mosquito to be afraid of hah, soo.

hope to hear from you ! ! ! !

best regards the Photo Mania Dudes !
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