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Default To cry or to laugh?

Tired of not knowing what really think about your own photos? Not sure if you should trust what other members are writing about them?
Not a problem anymore! ACQUINE is your answer!
It will say if your photo is below average or highly rated!

What is ACQUINE? "Aesthetic Quality Inference Engine" is a "machine-learning based online system of computer-based prediction of aesthetic quality for color natural photographic pictures." Incredible, but true! ;)

Well... I'll admit... it can be depressive at times! :)) One of my photos having been chosen as a favorite by many members is actually... below average having received a mere 19.9/100 !!!! But it could be worse. One of the D-Day landings by Robert Capa has been rated as a 1.5/100. :)))

Well... I prefer to laugh!

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