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Default Re: To cry or to laugh?

claire, this is well funny, thank you!

the 'lowest' rating (or at least as far as my patience went to check them out ;o))) ) i could get for one of my TE gallery instances was <a href="" target=_blank>4.6/100 for this one</a> (can't blame them though, it has a lousy finishing here) and <a href="" target=_blank>7.3/100 for this one</a>

what (i think) i figured out is that the machine simply loves blue color cast since i got <a href="" target=_blank>96.7/100 for this one</a> and <a href="" target=_blank>98/100 for this one</a> (!) and also very much likes strong golden cast given by golden hour like <a href="" target=_blank>in this one (95.6/100)</a> or simply 'unattended' white balance like in <a href="" target=_blank>this one (94.5/100)</a>

... still love my extremely subjective (trying hard to be) human 'rating mode' a lot better ;o)))

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