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Joel, I just uploaded a photo and while the EXIF data appeared while I was putting in the details and note, once it had been uploaded the EXIF data failed to appear. Not only that, but if I select to 'Edit' the photo, there is no EXIF data showing in the Edit screen.

Checking all the photos which immediately preceded my upload on the same gallery page, NONE of those photos showed any EXIF data either. And this one - - showed in the 'Photo Information' box this strange information: "Exposure: f/0.1"!!! No lens on the market, surely, can open the aperture that wide!

While I was adding the photographic information and note to my photo, I noticed that where Shutter speed and Aperture could be entered manually, the drop-down list featured dozens of very weird numbers which bore no relation to reality. I wonder if the "f/0.1" came from that list. I think Didi was referring to those drop-downs for his opening post in the thread.

There is something seriously wrong with the EXIF data/Photo Information side of the process.

NB: Didi, I've altered the title of this thread to include 'EXIF DATA'.

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