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Same problem for me. I uploaded a picture in the french version of the site, the shutter speed and F-Stop were not imported as usual, and when you edit the picture the values in the list boxes for shutter speed and F-Stop have no sense (for example '1/1.25' value duplicated and the list ends with "enum('30"). Same problem in french and english release of the site. And please don't ask me which browser or OS I use, I have no doubt it is a server side problem, the source page is wrong.

For example :

PHP Code:
<select name="shutter_speed" size="1">
option value="">N/A</option>
option value="1">'1/1.25'</option>
option value="2">'1/1.25'</option>
option value="3">'1/1.25'</option>
option value="4">'1/1.25'</option>
option value="5">'1/1.25'</option>
option value="6">'1/1.25'</option>
option value="7">'1/1.25'</option
I am really exhausted with all the technical issues we have these last weeks on TE It makes the site hard to use and I am not sure you realize it makes some TE members leave it ! I don't like to be so agressive but you should really ask yourself about the way you work. It is not serious having so many issues. When you change the source code of the site, don't you make any test before deploying to the server ?

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