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Default Re: The Critique Conspiracy

A flaw might not always be a flaw Rafal, but my very strong impression here is that many people do not take criticism well and are way too defensive or make way too many excuses when someone points out something they don't like in a photo. Sure, what is a flaw for one might not be a flaw for another, but when you are dealing with basic photographical principals like poor exposure, cropping in such a way that subjects in the photo interfere with each other, shooting in poor light, missing focus or a host of other things, a flaw in general is a flaw. Even if it is not a flaw to the photographer, when I see a highly commented upon photo which has such "flaws", yet of 10-50 (or more) critiques, noone mentions the "flaw", people just aren't looking very analytically. Of course, when the photographer publicly disagrees with the comment, this sets the tone for the site: this tone is one where noone says negative things as it just isn't worth the effort.

As for the HCB thing, quite frankly that is a total red herring. I will guarantee HCB himself was far more critical of his work than the folks here on TE are. This is how he rose to the level he attained. Quite likely he liked many elements of the photo, but I would be shocked to hear that he thought that photo was flawless. I doubt he thought any of his shots were perfect. I would also guess he took criticism given to him in the way it was intended. HCB was no god. He took more duds in his life than any ten members on TE have taken photos. Not every shot he took was a masterpiece. Of course he also created more masterpieces than pretty much any other photographer.
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