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Hi All

I'm a bit slow to notice that this drama has been bubbling away for a while. I thought twice before getting involved. But for what it's worth, this is my opinion:

1. Please don't go anywhere Emka - not on leave, not for good, not even for a little while. Please stay, you are a valuable member of TE and one of my favourite people. Your critiques, comments and photos always make me smile, fascinate me and your friendship is important to me.

2. Please don't go Jasmis. I don't know you at all, but your contribution to this site is important. It would be a shame to leave all your good friends over this isolated incident.

3. Du, (Docarmo) has suggested a very sensible way of dealing with the situation - and that is to write a more complete Note. IF THE MODERATORS ARE READING THIS - WOULD THE NOTE SUGGESTED BY DU BE ENOUGH TO GET THE PHOTO REINSTATED?

4. I agree with what Justin and Benny say. I did not know Gustaw but when all is said and done, a good man and a very valued member of TE has passed away. His friend, who has also suffered life threatening illness, was merely attmempting to honour this man;s life. Deleting the photo is like thumbing the nose at this lovely man's memory and has unecessarily offended a man (Jasmis) who was trying to "do the right thing" by his friend. People mean more than photos and black letter rules.

5. I respect Mariusz as both a friend and a great photographer, but I think you are wrong here my dear friend. What's more (and this may be the language barrier) how you've expressed your opinion is about as subtle as a fart in an elevator and has obviously offended some people who may not be as thick-skinned as you or I

6. I suppose this may not be relevant to some of the "letter-of-the-law-yers here", but I'm going to recount it anyway. When I first became a criminal lawyer nearly 20 years ago, I was told by a wise old judge that dispensing the law without compassion will lead to the eventual undoing of the law and of society. TE is a microcosm with it's own laws, relationships and society and it is only logical to assume that dispensing the law without compassion here will have the same consequences as would follow in the real world. I urge you to think about this.

7. I saw Jasmis' photo and from memory even commented on it. Personally I thought it was a line ball as to whether it complied with the TOS. So together with the fact that it dealt with a very sensitive subject; should have been given the benefit of the doubt and allowed to remain. This is only my opinion, you are free to disagree with it. But I'd prefer that my opinion not be deleted.

8. Also for what it's worth, I believe that the Mods do a good and at times a very difficult and thankless job. I understand that rules are there for a good reason and need to be followed. And this is why I supported their decision in the "Eversmile Debacle". We are adults here people, and TE is just like any society. Throwing your toys around because a decision does not suit you is ridiculous. I do however see the Eversmile case as being very different from the Jasmis one for the reasons I've mentioned above, particularly at points 4 and 7.

Anyway, it's nearly 1:30am here in Australia. I'm going to bed. Good night.