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Hi All,
Keith, I don;t think Jan is suggesting there is a vendetta of people suported him, I think maybe that is pre-empting something that would not occur, the heart of this is misunderstanding, pre-fabricated conclusions from both sides of the fence etc De suggests, an open line of communication would be helpful.
That said, these discussion have been just that, but I feel that there has been anger and an 'us verses them' mentality which just is harmful. Aren't we all part of TE together? We are supposed to be a community.
Jan, I hope you stay, or reconsider, not for moderators but for those who admire your work. I don't know you very well, but I know and respect and love your gallery, and I felt that the issue was worth fighting for. In my opinion the image should be restored out of recpect and compassion for human life rather than TOS.
I thought Lisa made some very excellent and reasoned points before the previous thread was closed.
To the moderators, I respect you guys, and I do my best to stick to TOS as well, understanding it as the general lubricant of the site, but I just feel that the decision on Jan's image was not right.
I will not take my ball and go home, I will continue, and with respect to all, the members and mods. I just was very disappointed for the decision and wanted to express my opinion.
I think that both Jan and Grazyna, they made a stance for something they felt strongly for, and I respect that, neither of them, at any time, insulted anyone, they have my respect.
To paraphrase Lisa, who knows laws better than most, "justice must be dispensed with compassion"...otherwise laws lose their purpose and strength I feel.
This is the last I will contribute to the forums, best of luck to all.
Best wishes to all in the new year
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