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Default To Royaldevon: Thank you for insightful comments

Thank you for your support.

I try and want to be a good photographer. I try to be an artist with some technical competence, but also offer life pictures with stories to tell or places interesting and beautiful to see and feel. I am mixed about posting a photo because I like the content or feeling or post one that has a good point of view or color or sharpness or cropping. Sometimes both. It takes work to present an offering to the TE community, research about a place, event, history, and dozens of other issues of interest. It is then a blessing when people like you respond with kind words and support.

I myself need to make more an effort to actually review others postings and go back through time and applaud submissions from years ago as worthy of praise today - not just focus on the past 12 hour of entries. This also takes time and hours spent on TE. There are now hundreds of thousands of good entries. I often critique photos I simply like, I see the painter with a camera canvas, I love the story Ė emotional appeal. My all your photos bring a moment of your life alive to others. May the content of TE be preserved as positive testimony to manís presence on Earth.

Dr. David Thomas, Prof. Asian Studies, Artist (
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